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How to Support Us

The KOK e.V. is a non profit organisation and operates for the good of the community. We are an amalgamation of women’s groups throughout Germany that combat trafficking in women in the process of migration and as such our tasks are manifold and demand a high level of professionalism.

The work of the KOK is dependant on the commitment of its members and the voluntary work of its board of managers. The support of the BMFSFJ (German ministry for senior citizens, women and youth) has allowed us to run a KOK coordination centre since 1999. It offers services to our member organisations, as well as functioning as our public representative both on a national and international level. Its resources are, however, limited.

In order that the KOK can cover a wide spectrum of issues and do so effectively, it is necessary for us to gain your support. This we need both in the form of moral and financial support,  as well as voluntary work. We are happy for every little bit of help that can be given, and we desperately need it.

And this is how you can support us

Your support of our cause can be as varied as is our work. We are grateful for any kind of support. Memberships, sponsors, donations, voluntary workers, financing of our projects, trainees or multiplicators.

On the following pages you will find more about the various possibilities to support us.

KOK e.V. is being promoted 

KOK supports the nationwide helpline violence against women. For further information, please visit

„Human Trafficking in Germany – An Overview from a Practical Standpoint”

Link to our new book of the same name

„Human Trafficking“
An animated movie about KOK and its work.