What else?

Large Sponsors and Foundations

Due to the immense scope of our work at the KOK we are dependant on financial support from outside sources. This support allows us to bring specific projects, activities and events to fruition. We are grateful for each contact to large sponsors and foundations, who would be willing to support our work. Please contact us if you have not already heard from us.

And above and beyond all these possibilities:

  • Support all our events and campaigns 
  • Support our work in the area of human rights and in our combat against trafficking in women. If you know about our goals and work, pass the word on. 
  • Should you come into contact with a victim of trafficking, give her information about a local counselling centre. 
  • Support local organisations combating trafficking in women. 
  • Take a stance on sexual and racial discrimination.

KOK e.V. is being supported
by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

KOK supports the nationwide helpline violence against women. For further information, please visit