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KOK - Our Goals

KOK aims to do the following:

  • Combat all levels of human trafficking
  • Ensure humane treatment of victims of human trafficking 
  • Improve the judicial and social situation of people affected by human trafficking
  • The implementation of political and social arrangements for affected people and against trafficking of human beings on a regional and national, as well as on a European and international level
  • Create awareness for the complex topic of human trafficking in general and among a scientific public
  • Enhance rights of residence and labor rights for female migrants
  • End racial and sexual discrimination of female migrants
  • Build up networks between the member organisations of KOK e.V.
  • Improve communication structures and solution strategies  of KOK e.V. and its members

We will achieve these goals through:

  • increasing public awareness regarding the issue of human trafficking, including the situation of female migrants and exploited women
  • promoting the recognition of trafficking as a human rights violation and the condemnation of trafficking of women as a form of violence against women
  • achieving social and legal equality between all women in Germany
  • improving living conditions for exploited migrant women in a sustainble way
  • demanding social equality for prostitutes 
  • demanding a independent right of residence for spouses right at the beginning of a marriage


KOK e.V. is being supported
by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

KOK supports the nationwide helpline violence against women. For further information, please visit

„Human Trafficking in Germany – An Overview from a Practical Standpoint”

Link to our new book of the same name

„Human Trafficking“
An animated movie about KOK and its work.