Assistance in Returning Home

If you wish to leave Germany, or if you have to leave the country, counselling centre staff will help you and provide you with detailed advice on how to return to your home country. If you wish, they will help you contact your family or relevant support groups in your home country. These groups offer advice and support to help you begin a new life.

Above and beyond this, the group SOLWODI runs a repatriation project. Within the context of this project, you can receive help to train for a different profession or to go into business in your home country.

If you decide to return home of your own free will, the International Organisation for Migrants (IOM) will pay for your flight and also give you a small sum of money to help you get started on your return. We must, however, warn you that if you accept this support and then choose to return to Germany, you will be legally obliged to repay these funds.

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