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Also: wage usury under criminal law
(Section 291 of the German Criminal Code (StGB))
The criminal offence of usury punishes conduct that takes advantage of the weakness of another person (e. g. someone who is in a dilemma, is inexperienced, or has a weakness of will) for the purposes of commercially exploiting such person and for obtaining a disproportionately large material advantage in comparison to what is provided in exchange. Wage usury is found when, in these circumstances, an employee is being paid only a very low wage for the work performed by him/her. Of particular relevance for the courts is whether there is a "striking incongruity" between the work performed and the payment for it. According to the decisions of the highest labour court in Germany, wage usury is found if the employee receives less than 2/3 of the union wage or the customary (standard) wage for his/her work.

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