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KOK Leaflet "Specialised counselling centres for trafficked persons"

In Germany, specialised counselling centres provide comprehensive support to trafficked persons in building future prospects. Comprehensive and professional support is needed to stabilise trafficked persons and protect them from renewed exploitation.

Cover KOK leaflet specialised counselling centres for trafficked persons

The specialised counselling centres in the KOK work according to jointly developed guiding principles and quality standards. This includes adopting a needs-based and human rights-based approach, offering specialist expertise, unreserved support for their clients and an inclusive and anti-discriminatory approach.

Professional counselling, accompaniment and support help to improve the living situation of those affected in the long term and promote their self-determination. At the same time, specialised counselling centres work to educate and raise awareness in order to prevent human trafficking in huma beings. Thus, they also serve as contact points for family members, professionals and authorities.

The new KOK leaflet offers a compact overview of specialised counselling centres in Germany.

The leaflet can be ordered in print from the KOK office.
The leaflet is also available in German.

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