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321. determinants_of_anti-trafficking_efforts_final_report_2022.pdf  
Date: 20.09.2022
FINAL REPORT of Determinants Anti-Trafficking Efforts BRITISH INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL AND COMPARATIVE LAW Determinants of Anti-Trafficking Efforts This report is published as part of the…  
322. Report on factors influencing the political will of states to fight trafficking in human beings  
Date: 21.09.2022
Cover Report Determinants of Anti-Trafficking Efforts The British Institute of International and Comparative Law has published a project report. It deals with various factors that influence the political will of a state to take action against…  
323. Commission_moves_to_ban_products_made_with_forced_labour_on_the_EU_market.pdf  
Date: 27.09.2022
European Commission - Press release Commission moves to ban products made with forced labour on the EU market Brussels, 14 September 2022 The Commission has today proposed to prohibit products made…  
324. EU plans ban on goods from forced labour  
Date: 28.09.2022
Flag of the European Union The European Commission is currently working on a comprehensive ban on goods produced through forced labour. The proposal aims to promote decent work for all workers, whether they work in…  
325. CM_Rec_2022_21E.pdf  
Date: 29.09.2022
MINISTERS’ DEPUTIES Recommendations CM/Rec(2022)21 27 September 2022 Recommendation CM/Rec(2022)21 of the Committee of Ministers to member States on preventing and combating trafficking in human…  
326. Council of Europe recommendations on combating labour exploitation  
Date: 04.10.2022
Seat of the Council of Europe The Committee of Ministers, the decision-making body of the Council of Europe, has formulated recommendations to member states to better address trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation.…  
327. German NGO Network against Trafficking in Human Beings - KOK provides previously unrecorded data on trafficked persons in Germany  
Date: 18.10.2022
KOK data report 2021 KOK press release on the European Day against Trafficking in Human Beings on 18 October 2022.  
328. La_Strada_International_-_Statement_EU_Anti-Trafficking_Day_-_18_October_2022.pdf  
Date: 20.10.2022
STATEMENT 18 October 2022 Today, on EU Anti-Trafficking Day, we call upon EU leaders and Members States to ensure that victims of human trafficking can effectively claim and access their rights…  
329. Protection and rights for trafficked persons in Europe  
Date: 26.10.2022
 Cover LSI Statement 18 October 2022 In a statement on the occasion of the European Day against Trafficking in Human Beings on 18 October 2022, the NGO platform La Strada International (LSI) called on EU Member States to ensure…  
330. Privacy Policy  
Date: 09.11.2022
Data Privacy Policy This content is currently only available in German. We will work on a translated version and publish it as soon as possible.   Diese Datenschutzerklärung klärt Sie über…  
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