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Amnesty for Women

Name of InstitutionAmnesty for Women
P.O.-BoxSchillerstr. 43
Zip code22767
Federal StateHamburg
Telephone (Office)040 / 384753
Telephone (Consulting)040 / 384753
Telephone (Mobile) /
ResponsibleBehörde für Arbeit -> Sozialbehörde
Umbrella Organisation
Services provided for Women (Victims)
Lesbian Women and Girls (Victims)
Persons identifying as Transexuals
Adresseés / Network
Office HoursMo., Mi., Fr. 10:00 Uhr - 14:00 Uhr Di., Do. 14:00 Uhr - 18:00 Uhr
Availability by phone
E-Mail (consulting)
E-Mail (office)
Fax040 / 385758
Specialized Services provided Consulting
Emergency counseling/crisis intervention
Long-term aid
Group therapy (lead groups, self-help groups etc.)
Other specialized services
Forms of trafficking / Exploitation Domestic abuse – abuse in marital or ex-marital relationships
Abuse in the setting of prostitution
Type of Institution Women’s Counseling Centre/Women’s shelter/Counseling Centre for domestic violence
Specialized Counseling Center for victims of human trafficking and exploitation
Other Type of Institution
Languages English
Other Languages
Remarks / SpecificsCounselling is anonymous, free and confidential
Additional InformationA range of courses available including: German lessons, sewing courses, educational courses, psychological counselling, self-help groups, specific courses for women Cooperation with local, national and international organisations Meeting point for women from all countries Information on para. 19 Foreign Resident Act (Ausländergesetz), divorce, custody and family law Key fields of work: PR: as a human-rights organisation, AfW’s main goals are to raise awareness about and fight against isolation, discrimination, repression and all forms of violence (e.g. trafficking in women and domestic violence perpetrated by men) which befall women because of their sex and migration status. Lobbying: at local, national and international level, AfW aims to improve the political and legal situation of female migrants to help them with issues relating to migration and integration, and to raise awareness about migration and the presence of female migrants within society. Encourages a self-help approach in its counselling work, with women seeking help and the organisation developing responses to their problems. Grassroots activities: support to help women lead an easier private and work life by empowering and supporting them to cope with their everyday lives and shape their life in a proactive and independent manner. Their work is based on the self-help approach: with the women seeking help, AfW develops responses to their problems; provide information on: legal issues such as residence permits and naturalisation; separation, divorce, custody and domestic violence; unemployment, welfare, child benefits, and family and/or maintenance allowance; coordination of self-experience groups for Polish-, Russian- and Thai-speaking women; German courses; educational courses (sewing courses); workshops on relevant and topical issues; provision of a safe space to engage with other women
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