German NGO Network against Trafficking in Human Beings

The German NGO Network against Trafficking in Human Beings - KOK is a registered non-profit organisation. KOK advocates for the rights of trafficked persons and female migrants facing violence.

Established by counselling centres, women's and mirgants rights groups in 1987 to support trafficked persons, the NGO became an official organisation in 1999. KOK brings together most specialised counselling centres in Germany working with trafficked persons as well as other organisations addressing this issue and now has 43 member organisations.  

KOK’s membership base includes:

  • Specialised counselling centres and shelters for trafficked persons
  • Projects working with female migrants
  • Counselling centres working with sex workers
  • Women's shelters and specialised safehouses
  • Women’s and human rights groups
  • Umbrella organisations representing charities

KOK also has two associated member organisations: a specialised counselling centre in Switzerland and another in Italy (South Tyrol).

The main objective of KOK and its member organisations is to improve the living conditions of trafficked persons and female migrants facing violence and help them enforce their rights.
In addition, they are committed to

  • the implementation of national and international standards with regard to trafficked persons
  • the implementation of a women's and human rights based perspective in politics and society
  • the support of the network of counselling centres

As the only German organisation with this focus, our intention is to act as a national and international interface between counseling services, public and private policy as well as key organisations.

KOK sees human trafficking in the context of migration processes that are triggered as a result of global poverty, crises and conflicts as well as political-economic upheaval processes. People who want to secure their survival and that of their families can become victims of trafficking in human beings in their search for work on the globalised labour markets. Their often precarious legal and social position, as well as the pressure to secure their own lives and those of their families through migration, are deliberately exploited.

The interdependence of KOK allows the continuous exchange of practical experiences and coordinated arrangements against human trafficking. KOK represents the common social and political interests of its members, with its goal to develop and strengthen networks on a national level. We achieve this through mutual exchange of information and experience, collaborative action and corresponding development programs. KOK works on a national and international level to positively influence legislation and decision making processes.

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