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1. GAATW: A Feast in Time of COVID-19: The anti-trafficking movement needs to take a step back  
Date: 16.04.2020
“In this moment, widely seen as unprecedented, the anti-trafficking movement needs to take a step back and, for once, not make it about trafficking…”  
2. Home  
Date: 16.04.2020
KOK - German nationwide activist coordination group combating trafficking in women and violence against women in the process of migration  
3. Key Issues  
Date: 07.04.2020
KOK - Key Issues The focus of KOK’s work is closely linked to the assertion of its goals. KOK does research and bundles current information relevant to human trafficking, exploitation and violence…  
4. KOK Projects  
Date: 24.03.2020
Projects of KOK Alongside the main areas of work at the KOK, there are also regularly additional short-/ and longterm projects being carried out, focusing in-depth on a variety of intersecting…  
5. Newsletter Subscription  
Date: 23.03.2020
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6. Privacy Policy  
Date: 11.03.2020
Data Privacy Policy This content is currently only available in German. We will work on a translated version and publish it as soon as possible.   Diese Datenschutzerklärung klärt Sie über…  
7. Contact  
Date: 11.03.2020
Contact KOK - German NGO Network against trafficking in Human Beings Lützowstr.102-104 Hof 1, Aufgang A 10785 Berlin Tel.: +49 / 30 / 263 911 76  Fax: +49 / 30 / 263 911 86 …  
8. Organisational Structure  
Date: 10.03.2020
KOK – the structure of our organisation Member Organisations KOK unites 38 member organisations today, that work on different content-related focuses: Specialised counselling organisations and…  
9. About us  
Date: 18.02.2020
About us The German Network and Coordination Office Against Trafficking In Human Beings is a registered non-profit organisation. We engage on a regional, national and international level,…  
10. Symposium  
Date: 17.02.2020
KOK - Symposium 15.-16.10.2015 The symposium „10 years of the Convention of the Council of Europe against Trafficking in Human Beings – Stagnation or Progress?”, organized by the KOK, the German NGO…  
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