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Alba Project

Name of InstitutionAlba Project
P.O.-BoxMariaheimweg 42
Zip code39100
Federal Stateinternational
Telephone (Office)0039471 / 203 111
Bereichsleiterin für Frauen und Chancengleichheit: 0039 348 281 0662; Leiterin für den Aufnahmebereich: 0039 348 1572 304
Telephone (Consulting)0039471 / 203111
Telephone (Mobile)0039348 / 1572 305
ResponsibleAbteilung für Chancengleichheit in Rom, Autonome Privinz Bozen
Umbrella Organisation
Services provided for Women (Victims)
Girls (Victims)
Lesbian Women and Girls (Victims)
Boys (victims)
Men (Victims)
Persons identifying as Transexuals
Politics and Public
Adresseés / Network
Office Hoursimmer geöffnet, 24 Stunden
Availability by phone8:00 bis 19:00 garantierte Verfügbarkeit; nachts nur Notfälle
E-Mail (consulting)
E-Mail (office)
Fax0039471 / 201 585
Internet _blank
Specialized Services provided Secure lodging
Emergency counseling/crisis intervention
Long-term aid
Psychological support
pro-active counseling (guidence for circumstances with police involvement)
Psycho-social support
Prevention work
Medical care
Assistance with police, medical personnell, lawyers, agencies, public authorities
Mobile counselling
Contact procurement
Other specialized services
Forms of trafficking / Exploitation Domestic abuse – abuse in marital or ex-marital relationships
Forced marriage
Abuse in the name of 'honor'
Abuse in the setting of prostitution
Genital mutilation
Human Trafficking
Sexual exploitation and forced prostitution
Human Trafficking for the purpose of forced labor
Human Trafficking for the purpose of forced criminal activity
Human Trafficking for the purpose of forced begging
Human Trafficking for the purpose of labour exploitation
Type of Institution Women's shelter
Safe house
Women’s Counseling Centre/Women’s shelter/Counseling Centre for domestic violence
Emergency call/ Emergency hotline for sexualized violence
Lobby Organisation
Specialized Counseling Center for victims of human trafficking and exploitation
Counseling Center for sex workers
Other Type of Institution
Barrier-free Information / material in easy-to-understand language available
Rooms / not all rooms are wheelchair accessible
Rooms / barrier-free toilets existant
Counselling in easy-to-understand-language possible
Prospective offers for persons of concern
Languages German
Other Languages
Remarks / Specifics
Additional Information
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KOK - Bundesweiter Koordinierungskreis gegen Menschenhandel e.V.
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