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PICUM Study: Irregular Migration and Access to Justice and Protection

In a recently published study, PICUM examines various EU policies, action plans and strategies to review the rights and protections available to irregular migrants and to make recommendations for action by the European Union

Migrants with irregular residence status have an increased risk of being exploited, deprived of wages or threatened during their stay in the EU. Due to their insecure status and fear of deportation, accessing support, reporting exploitative working conditions to law enforcement or claiming rights can constitute an enormous hurdle.

PICUM therefore calls on the European Union to establish a so-called firewall for irregular migrants. This firewall would enable migrants, regardless of their residence status, to receive protection from exploitation and unfair working conditions, to access counselling services and to report crimes to law enforcement agencies. In this study, PICUM describes recommendations for action at the EU level whose implementation can ensure safety, protection and legal assistance for migrants with an insecure residence status. The study also shows how support for irregular migrants is already being implemented by civil society actors in different countries.

KOK advocates for the implementation of a firewall as trafficked persons could also benefit from this proposal.

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