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Recommended Reading: GAATW's Blog on anti- trafficking work

GAATW - the Global Alliance against Traffic in Women is an international NGO based in Bangkok, Thailand. GAATW's International Coordinator Bandana Pattanaik and colleagues blog regularly about trafficking in human beings in connection with current events

GAATW's own Bandana Pattanaik as well as other staff members and experts in the field of anti-trafficking work blog regularly about current events and their impact on  anti-trafficking work in general and trafficked persons in particular. Within these posts these expertcs reflect on and analyse various problems, current events and their connections and to trafficking in human beings, such as the impact of COVID-19; the effectiveness of anti-trafficking measures, migration and trafficking, and many more. Trafficking in Human Beings is a worldwide phenomenon that creates local and regional impacts on anti-trafficking work, trafficked persons and many other relevant factors that can differ widely on different continents as well as within countries. Keeping up to date on new global occurences and what effects they have on trafficked persons and the NGOs that support them is a very improtant part of anti-trafficking efforts and can bring much greater understanding of trafficking in human beings as a whole and its impact on societies.

For more information and to visit GAATW's website and blog, please follow this link.

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