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Trafficking in human beings and exploitation in the context of the Ukraine War - Report of the KOK Ukraine Project

Cover of the KOK Ukraine project report

The report Trafficking in Human Beings and Exploitation in the Context of the Ukraine War - An Investigation from the Perspective of Specialised Counselling Centres on the Situation in Germany analyses and evaluates measures to raise awareness and prevent trafficking.

The specialised counselling centres associated in KOK assume that wars and the resulting migration movements make people more vulnerable, so that the risk of exploitation and trafficking in human beings increases. In the context of this study, specialised counselling centres were asked about their experiences in recent months. On the one hand, the results show the measures established in Germany to raise awareness and prevent trafficking. On the other hand, current needs of the specialised counselling centres are identified.

Even though it may seem too early to properly appraise the situation in relation to trafficking in human beings and exploitation in Germany in connection with the conflict in Ukraine, KOK is calling for lessons to be learned from current and past migratory flows and for long-term arrangements to be made for responding to temporary and permanent refugee influxes.

In particular, KOK is calling for:

  • the legal advantages conferred upon Ukrainian refugees to also apply to third-country nationals and refugees from other countries;
  • the establishment of safe and legal escape routes;
  • the creation of long-term integration strategies for new arrivals;
  • the bolstering of the rights and protection of hard-to-reach trafficked persons in private households (in particular in the area of accommodation and 24-hour care);
  • comprehensive training and awareness raising for all relevant stakeholders in the support system, in particular regarding the protection of particularly vulnerable groups;
  • a permanent increase in the human and financial resources of the specialised counselling centres so that they can support trafficked persons as needed, even in crisis situations;
  • the expansion and guaranteeing of a comprehensive, needs-oriented support and referral system for those affected by all forms of trafficking in human beings and exploitation.
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