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241. Symposium  
Date: 02.06.2022
KOK - Symposium 15.-16.10.2015 The symposium „10 years of the Convention of the Council of Europe against Trafficking in Human Beings – Stagnation or Progress?”, organized by the KOK, the German NGO…  
242. Symposium Trafficking in Human Beings and Data Policy 2021  
Date: 02.06.2022
The conference will be opened by Andrea Hitzke - board member of KOK, director of the counselling centre Dortmunder Mitternachtsmission.   Welcome Address Juliane Seifert | State…  
243. The Association  
Date: 16.01.2023
KOK – the structure of our organisation Member Organisations KOK unites 42 member organisations today, that work on different content-related focuses: Specialised counselling organisations and…  
244. The Impact of Criminalising the ‘Knowing Use’ on Trafficking in Human Beings  
Date: 15.12.2022
Cover LSI Policy Paper 2011/36/EU La Strada International Policy Paper on the upcoming revision of the EU Trafficking in Human Beings Directive  
245. The Network and Coordination Office  
Date: 13.05.2023
The Network and Coordination Office The network and coordination office was founded 1999 in Potsdam and is mainly supported through the Federal Ministry of family, senior citizens, women and…  
246. Trafficking in human beings and exploitation in the context of the Ukraine War - Report of the KOK Ukraine Project  
Date: 13.12.2022
Cover of the KOK Ukraine project report The report Trafficking in Human Beings and Exploitation in the Context of the Ukraine War - An Investigation from the Perspective of Specialised Counselling Centres on the Situation in Germany…  
247. Trafficking in human beings and organised ritual abuse - Brochure  
Date: 01.07.2022
KOK brochure trafficking in human beings - organised ritual abuse KOK has expanded its series of short brochures on trafficking in human beings and published a brochure on organised ritual abuse.  
248. Trafficking in human beings in South Eastern Europe  
Date: 12.07.2022
Cover UNODC - Exploitation and Abuse: The Scale and Scope of Human Trafficking in South Eastern Europe The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) published a report on the extent of trafficking in human beings in South Eastern Europe. Based on country reports and five expert meetings, the…  
249. Trafficking in Women / Human Trafficking  
Date: 02.06.2022
Trafficking in Women / Human Trafficking Hoff, Suzanne (La Strada International); McGauran, Katrin (SOMO): Engaging the Private Sector to End Human Trafficking - A Resource Guide for NGOs…  
250. Translated excerpt of KOK study on severe labour exploitation and trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation of women now published  
Date: 07.09.2018
In 2016, the KOK published a study entitled „Menschenhandel zum Zweck der Arbeitsausbeutung und schwere Arbeitsausbeutung von Frauen - Ein nicht gesehenes Phänomen?“(Severe labour exploitation and…  
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