The KOK e.V. is the network for 43 specialised counseling organisations in Germany. This network combats trafficking in women. Within this framework the KOK invites all women’s organisations and private persons committed to this cause to become a member of the KOK e.V.

  • Those who support and promote the goals of the KOK can become members. 
  • The charter of the KOK e.V. is binding for all members. 
  • Member organisations can be women’s organisations, women’s groups or counselling centres for women in so far as these are officially certified as working for the good of the community. Private females may also become members in so far as they are involved in an area related to trafficking in women. Such private persons may not be employed by a member organisation. 
  • It has to be ensured that delegates within an organisation or a group, as well as private persons have the possibility to devote sufficient time to the work of the KOK. 
  • Members are chosen after an application has gone in and a vote by current members takes place. A majority in this vote is the prerequisite for becoming a member.

The following online form can be filled in. It must then be printed and either faxed or sent by post to the KOK: Membership form PDF (124 KB).

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