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Trafficking in human beings and organised ritual abuse - Brochure

KOK has expanded its series of short brochures on trafficking in human beings and published a brochure on organised ritual abuse.

KOK brochure trafficking in human beings - organised ritual abuse

In recent years, organised ritual abuse and its consequences have increasingly become the focus of actors who deal with the issues of sexual exploitation, abuse of children and young people and with trafficking in human beings. Some of the specialised counselling centres for trafficked persons organised in the KOK have also handled cases of this specific form of violence. Although fairly limited in number, they have proved particularly challenging in practice for counselling centres. However, this form of violence is still very little known and it is seldom examined by academia.

The aim of this brochure is to offer brief and basic information on this issue and any aspects in which it overlaps with trafficking in human beings.

The information brochures are also available on the topic of trafficking in human beings – labour exploitation, trafficking in human beings – sexual exploitation and trafficking in human beings – exploitation of begging and criminal acts.

The short brochures provide compact information on the topic of trafficking in human beings and the various forms of exploitation as well as cross-references to other topics. They can be read online and ordered in print from the KOK office. All brochures are also available in German.


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