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81. Prostitution  
Date: 02.06.2022
Prostitution in Germany Prostitution is legal in Germany and is regulated in the “Prostitute Protection Act” from 2017. KOK welcomes a liberal approach, since condemning prostitution and…  
82. Financial Support  
Date: 02.06.2022
Financial Support If you have no means of supporting yourself, there is a chance that you will be entitled to state financial assistance. The benefits available to you depend on your residence status…  
83. Health Care  
Date: 02.06.2022
Health Care Why health care?  Health is always an important issue relating to prostitution, and the health risks that prostitution brings with it should not be underestimated.  Not…  
84. Assistance in Returning Home  
Date: 02.06.2022
Assistance in Returning Home If you wish to leave Germany, or if you have to leave the country, counselling centre staff will help you and provide you with detailed advice on how to return to …  
85. International  
Date: 02.06.2022
International Networking Thanks to the constant efforts of NGOs, the responsibility for legally pursuing human rights abuses now rests increasingly with the governments of the country of origin, the…  
86. Contact and Links  
Date: 02.06.2022
Contact and Links NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANISATIONS (NGO´s) Alliance for action against trafficking in women (Aktionsbündnis gegen Frauenhandel) “Alliance for action against trafficking in women”…  
87. Newsletter Subscription  
Date: 02.06.2022
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88. Details  
Date: 02.06.2022
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89. Map of Germany  
Date: 02.06.2022
Member Organisations / Counselling Centres Hints: In some cases you may need to zoom in on the city you are searching in order to locate several counselling centres, otherwise they will overlap at…  
90. Internship  
Date: 02.06.2022
Internship The KOK offers internships at its Berlin office to students who have to complete a mandatory internship or students who want to do a voluntary internship (maximum three months) while…  
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