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KOK - German NGO network against trafficking in human beings

KOK is a German NGO network and coordination office against trafficking in human beings. Currently, KOK consists of 38 member organisations across Germany. This is a unique network as it represents a broad variety of different groups, including faith-based organisations and sex workers' rights groups.

+++Symposium 25-26 October 2018+++

The KOK e.V. invited to a symposium in Berlin on the 25th and 26th October. Around 150 people with a variety of professional backgrounds from Germany and abroad took part in the conference and discussed with different speakers and panel guests about the question: “Trafficking in human beings and exploitation in Germany – taking stock two years after implementation of the EU Directive”. 

The symposium focused on the exploitation of begging and forced criminal activities – forms of trafficking in human beings, which have only recently been criminalized in German law. It was examined from different sides, whether and how affected people of these forms of exploitation can be identified and supported. A glance at Austria, the United Kingdom and Belgium showed how other European countries are combating human trafficking and gave impetus to implement individual successful measures in Germany as well.

Special highlights of the event included speeches by Parliamentary State Secretary, Caren Marks, EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator Myria Vassiliadou as well as Executive Secretary, Secretariat of the Council of Europe Convention against Trafficking in Human Beings Petya Nestorova.

A detailed documentation of the symposium as well as recordings of the individual speeches will be available shortly.

Mission statement

KOK aims to promote the human rights of trafficked persons and other migrants experiencing violence. It addresses trafficking and other forms of violence against migrants as a severe violation of human rights. KOK believes that the crime of human trafficking is deeply rooted in racism and sexism, and strategies to fight human trafficking have to be embedded in a wider framework including both phenomena. The network is active against all bodies, organisations and legislation which exclude migrants from social, political and economic participation. It believes in equal rights and opportunities for all, including persons working in prostitution and other informal economies.


KOK coordinates the endeavours and efforts of its member organisations and other stakeholders involved in the issue of human trafficking. It transforms the experiences gained in grassroot counselling centres into political strategies. KOK informs policy makers, scientists, civil society and governmental and intergovernmental stakeholders on the complexity of anti-trafficking policies, and guarantees knowledge sharing across different levels. Some of the KOK’s core activities are political lobbying, as well as work in relevant committees and public relations.

The work carried out by KOK is supported by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ).

Strengthening human rights and combatting trafficking in women are causes that need support! You can find out about supporting the KOK’s efforts and helping to improve the situation of the women concerned by clicking on the following link: support us.

KOK e.V. is being supported
by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth

KOK supports the nationwide helpline violence against women. For further information, please visit

„Human Trafficking in Germany – An Overview from a Practical Standpoint”

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