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191. NGOs call for justice mechanism & protections for repatriated migrant workers during Covid-19 crisis  
Date: 18.06.2020
In a joint urgent appeal letter from 1 June 2020, several NGOs and unions call for a justice mechanism for workers who have been impacted and repatriated as a result of the global Covid-19 pandemic.  
192. Numerous experts from Germany and abroad discuss at KOK-symposium  
Date: 11.11.2018
©Maurice Ressel, EU coordinator against human trafficking at KOK symposium The KOK e.V. invited to a symposium in Berlin on the 25th and 26th October. Around 150 people with a variety of professional backgrounds from Germany and abroad took part in the conference and…  
193. Objectives  
Date: 28.08.2023
Aims of the work of KOK KOK advocates human rights-based policies to combat trafficking in human beings that place a central emphasis on the legal rights of those affected. Improving the lives…  
194. Online Tools for the Prevention of Labor Exploitation - Handbook by FairWork Netherlands  
Date: 08.06.2018
In 2017, the Dutch organization FairWork launched a pilot project on the use of online tools to prevent labor exploitation and trafficking. The project was supported by the Dutch Ministry of Social…  
195. Online-Shop  
Date: 10.01.2024
Data collection in the context of trafficking un human beings and exploitation in Germany Online-PDF German Online-PDF English Short brochure on trafficking in human beings - sexual…  
196. Oral Statement of the CEDAW Alliance Germany  
Date: 10.05.2023
CEDAW Image UN On 8 May, the CEDAW Alliance Germany submitted its oral statement on the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women in Germany to…  
197. Organization  
Date: 07.08.2023
German NGO Network against Trafficking in Human Beings The German NGO Network against Trafficking in Human Beings - KOK is a registered non-profit organisation. KOK advocates for the rights of…  
198. Other forms  
Date: 12.12.2023
Other Forms of Exploitation Trafficking in human beings for the purpose of labour or sexual exploitation is not the only existing phenomenon. Here are some other, less widely-known forms of…  
199. Penal Procedure Code  
Date: 07.08.2023
The Penal Procedure Code In accordance with Section 395 of the Penal Procedure Code, trafficked persons may act as private accessory prosecutors and hire the services of a lawyer in the accessory…  
200. PICUM released Annual Report 2020  
Date: 12.07.2021
PICUM Annual Report 2020 The annual report provides an overview of the main issues, challenges and progress of PICUM's work for the rights of undocumented migrants in the past year. In addition to the impact of the COVID-19…  
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