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21. The Impact of Criminalising the ‘Knowing Use’ on Trafficking in Human Beings  
Date: 15.12.2022
Cover LSI Policy Paper 2011/36/EU La Strada International Policy Paper on the upcoming revision of the EU Trafficking in Human Beings Directive  
22. The Association  
Date: 16.01.2023
KOK – the structure of our organisation Member Organisations KOK unites 42 member organisations today, that work on different content-related focuses: Specialised counselling organisations and…  
23. Symposium Trafficking in Human Beings and Data Policy 2021  
Date: 02.06.2022
The conference will be opened by Andrea Hitzke - board member of KOK, director of the counselling centre Dortmunder Mitternachtsmission.   Welcome Address Juliane Seifert | State…  
24. Symposium  
Date: 02.06.2022
KOK - Symposium 15.-16.10.2015 The symposium „10 years of the Convention of the Council of Europe against Trafficking in Human Beings – Stagnation or Progress?”, organized by the KOK, the German NGO…  
25. Support  
Date: 13.05.2023
Support Trafficked persons have the right to avail of professional advice and support. In order to make use of their rights, they must be informed of the assistance available. Trafficked persons can…  
26. Stellungnahme KOK27.6.2011  
Date: 12.02.2020
Stellungnahme KOK27.6.2011 Stellungnahme KOK27.6.2011 Stellungnahme KOK27.6.2011 Stellungnahme KOK27.6.2011 Stellungnahme KOK27.6.2011 Stellungnahme KOK27.6.2011 Stellungnahme…  
27. Statement by LSI on the protection of victims' rights in Europe  
Date: 28.02.2023
LSI Statement EU Victim Rights Day 2023 La Strada International (LSI) has released a statement on the occasion of the EU Victims' Rights Day on 22 February with 12 recommendations to guarantee the effective protection of victims' rights…  
28. Specialised Counselling Centres  
Date: 02.06.2022
Specialised counselling Centres The function of the specialised counselling centres The centres of specialised counselling in Germany are NGO´s which offer advice, ensure counselling through…  
29. Social justice in European agriculture  
Date: 17.02.2021
The KOK supports the open letter of the European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Unions (EFFAT) on social justice in European agriculture. A major coalition of trade unions, civil…  
30. Short brochures on the different forms of exploitation  
Date: 01.12.2021
Short brochures on the different forms of exploitation KOK has produced a series of short brochures on the topic of trafficking in human beings and different forms of exploitation.  
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