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71. Privacy Policy  
Date: 01.07.2024
Event-Software eveeno Wir setzen die Event-Software eveeno (https://eveeno.com/de/) zu Zwecken der Durchführung von Veranstaltungen ein. eveeno arbeitet konform mit der europäischen…  
72. Priority Recommendations for the Implementation of the Global Compact on Migration  
Date: 02.03.2022
Cover IMRF Civil Society Report to GCM In 2018, Germany and the majority of UN member states adopted the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM), which is intended to set an international framework for improved…  
73. PP_Rita_Penedo.pdf  
Date: 12.02.2020
Session III National Rapporteur or Equivalent Mechanisms (NREM): Good Practices in Data Protection OBSERVATORY ON TRAFFICKING IN HUMAN BEINGS: “Towards a Pan-European Monitoring System on THB” …  
74. PP_Alexander_Dix.pdf  
Date: 12.02.2020
Berliner Beauftragter für Datenschutz und Informationsfreiheit „Privacy by Default“ und „Privacy Impact Assessments“ bei der Bekämpfung des Menschenhandels Dr. Alexander Dix, LL.M. Berlin…  
75. PICUM Study: Irregular Migration and Access to Justice and Protection  
Date: 02.03.2021
In a recently published study, PICUM examines various EU policies, action plans and strategies to review the rights and protections available to irregular migrants and to make recommendations for…  
76. PICUM released Annual Report 2020  
Date: 12.07.2021
PICUM Annual Report 2020 The annual report provides an overview of the main issues, challenges and progress of PICUM's work for the rights of undocumented migrants in the past year. In addition to the impact of the COVID-19…  
77. Penal Procedure Code  
Date: 07.08.2023
The Penal Procedure Code In accordance with Section 395 of the Penal Procedure Code, trafficked persons may act as private accessory prosecutors and hire the services of a lawyer in the accessory…  
78. Other forms  
Date: 12.12.2023
Other Forms of Exploitation Trafficking in human beings for the purpose of labour or sexual exploitation is not the only existing phenomenon. Here are some other, less widely-known forms of…  
79. Organization  
Date: 07.08.2023
German NGO Network against Trafficking in Human Beings The German NGO Network against Trafficking in Human Beings - KOK is a registered non-profit organisation. KOK advocates for the rights of…  
80. Oral Statement of the CEDAW Alliance Germany  
Date: 10.05.2023
CEDAW Image UN On 8 May, the CEDAW Alliance Germany submitted its oral statement on the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women in Germany to…  
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