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81. New KOK report on data collection and data protection released  
Date: 21.10.2020
On the 18th of October, the european day against trafficking in human beings the KOK published a new report on data collection and data protection in anti-trafficking work.  
82. New KOK publication soon available  
Date: 23.07.2020
In 7 days, on the 30th of July 2020, the 2nd volume of the KOK book-series Trafficking in Human Beings will be available  
83. New KOK Publication available  
Date: 30.07.2020
The newest KOK publication is the 2nd volume of the book series 'Trafficking in Human Beings in Germany'  
84. New KOK Leaflet  
Date: 25.07.2022
Cover KOK leaflet english 2022 KOK - coordination and networking against trafficking in human beings  
85. New European project on access to compensation for victims of crime  
Date: 17.01.2018
Most European countries have legal provisions for victims of crime to claim compensation or to otherwise be compensated for material and non-material damages. However, even when the legal framework…  
86. New ECHR court ruling in case of forced prostitution  
Date: 30.06.2020
ECHR finds shortcomings in Croatian authorities’ investigation into an allegation of forced prostitution. Inadequate response of Croatian authorities constitutes a violation of Article 4 ECHR…  
87. New campaign launch of Justice at Last: "Know your rights, claim compensation"  
Date: 01.07.2019
On June 26, Justice at Last launched a new European campaign called "Know your Rights - Claim Compensation". The project "Justice at Last - European action on compensation for victims of crime" was…  
88. Networking  
Date: 22.05.2023
Networking KOK is represented on committees both nationally and internationally. These allow us to maintain our efforts in influencing the decision-making processes of lawmakers by setting out our…  
89. Naile_Tanis.pdf  
Date: 12.02.2020
Datensammlung in Deutschland aus der Perspektive der Zivilgesellschaft Naile Tanis, KOK e.V. Ist-Stand: Die spezialisierten Fachberatungsstellen für Betroffene von Menschenhandel (FBS) sind ein…  
90. Nadia_Kozhouharova_ANIMUS.pdf  
Date: 12.02.2020
La Strada -Bulgaria Animus Association Foundation The Role of Civil Society in Data Collection in Bulgaria „ Data protection and right to privacy for marginalized groups: a new challenge in…  
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